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Zwick Valves supplied by BM Engineering

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Zwick valves are often used in the Oil & Gas industry and BM Engineering are proud suppliers. Recently, we provided a large distillery in Scotland with Zwick double block and bleed units. Here, we offer more information about the recent project.


BM Engineering are distillery valve suppliers


Distilling some of the world’s most well-known spirits, one of Scotland’s largest distilleries recently turned to BM Engineering to supply Zwick block and bleed units that would further their on-site sustainability requirements. The distillery, which produces some of the world’s most recognisable alcohol brands available, is aiming to drive greater sustainability and, with the recent commission of a bio-energy facility, is well on course.


The distillery plans to combine biomass combustion with anaerobic digestion and water recovery, aiming to generate 30MW of energy and meet 95% of the site’s energy needs. Their use of double block and bleed valves from BM Engineering will save space, weight and maintenance costs.


Use of double block and bleed valves


While double block and bleed valves are often used in the Oil and Gas industry, BM Engineering saw a prime opportunity for saving space in the distillery. While saving space is a primary use of the valves, they also offer a dual isolation solution that reduces the cost of multi-valve systems. Zwick block and bleed units combine all block and bleed components into a single unit, minimising the risk of leak paths to the atmosphere while providing significant weight savings.


Zwick block and bleed unit


BM Engineering was tasked with finding double block and bleed units in order to replace an old system that used two parallel slide valves for double isolation. As Zwick valves have been specially manufactured for use in critical services, their specialist design is significantly smaller and lighter than the distillery’s previous components. The space taken up by one parallel slide valve is the same as the whole Zwick block and bleed unit. While the longevity of the Zwick units is also far greater than the parallel slide valves.


The specialist design of the Zwick block and bleed unit provides companies with a customised solution, perfect for their individual applications. As the distillery required a personalised solution, the Zwick valves were the obvious choice; providing a cost-saving, space-saving solution that requires minimal maintenance efforts. As the valves weigh significantly less, installation is also much easier. All in all, our Zwick installation was the perfect fit.

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