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Pressure Transmitters from Bürkert

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As pressure transmitter suppliers, BM Engineering has established partnerships with some of the biggest manufactures in the industry, to provide the most reliable ranges of pressure transmitters to you. For example, partnering with global pressure transmitter manufacturer Bürkert has allowed us to supply the entire range of exceptional Bürkert pressure transmitters.

Bürkert Pressure Transmitter – Type 8323

The Type 83223 Bürkert pressure transmitter has been developed to cover most applications in the industrial pressure measurement technology field. This instrument is suitable for different measurements with its high accuracy, robust construction, compact design and flexibility. This pressure transmitter is available with a hygienic flush diaphragm and plug for quick installation and service.

Bürkert Pressure Transmitter – Type TSD001

Type TSD001 Bürkert’s pressure transmitter consists of a ceramic sensor and amplifier, as well as a transmitter. The sensor signals are amplified, which the transmitter then converts into an analogue signal. The transmitter has several advantages, including high measurement accuracy, robustness, minimal space requirements and flexibility to adapt to different measurement tasks.

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