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Pressure Relief Valves

A pressure relief valve is designed to relieve excess pressure inside a vessel or system once it exceeds the set criteria for that system. Pressure release valves are normally closed valves that will only operate at excess pressures and will remain idle during standard pressure increases in the container or system. Pressure release valves are designed to vent the gas or liquid above acceptable pressure levels out of the system, and are commonly used in a wide range of applications where pressure levels are critical for smooth operations such as clean in place systems for hygienic processing plants, oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation using steam, air, gas or liquid.

Pressure release valves are usually found in high pressure steam environments where they are used to prevent hazardous build-ups, either as a single rated valve or, more commonly, as an adjustable pressure relief valve in order to ensure the valve can be set to the appropriate specifications.

If you are looking for a pressure relief valve to ensure that your system remains below safety critical pressure levels and your system functions at its optimum rate without concern, take a look at our range of adjustable pressure relief valves below.

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