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What is a split-body PTFE butterfly valve?

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If you are considering investing in a split-body PTFE butterfly valve but are unsure what their purpose and benefits actually are then let BM Engineering Supplies put you in the picture in our latest informative blog.

What is a split-body PTFE butterfly valve?

Split-body PTFE lined butterfly valves, such as those from Unitech, are designed to ensure that the valve can be more easily serviced compared to a solid body style butterfly valve.

Split-body PTFE butterfly valve

What applications benefit from split-body PTFE butterfly valves? 

Split-body PTFE butterfly valves are appropriate for a broad range of general applications*, including:

Chemically highly corrosive and toxic media.
Purification plants.
Pharmaceutical industry.
Adhesives, paper industry, dissolver.
Paint manufacture and processing.
Food industry.
Hazardous materials.
Chlorine production.
Ore Production.
*Some applications are only suitable with PTFE discs. BM Engineering Supplies stocks 316 SS discs as standard but can also supply PTFE discs on request.

Unitech split-body PTFE lined butterfly valves

Unitech’s split-body PTFE lined butterfly valves are designed to allow ease of maintenance and their one-piece disc/stem arrangement ensures zero movement between the disc and stem. These types of valves are suited for a wide range of applications and industries. BM Engineering Supplies stocks accompanying PTFE or 316 SS discs. 

These valves offer the following features and benefits:

Full PTFE liner allows for high temperatures (up to 180°C), chemically toxic and corrosive media.
Silicone resilient elastomer backup pad extends around the seat, including the disc hub. This provides uniform force sufficient for bubble-tight shut off.
Self-lubricating bearings are SS with PTFE coating.
Top and bottom secondary o-ring sealing prevents leaks to atmosphere.

Speak to one of BME's knowledgeable advisers about your butterfly valve requirements today by calling 0141 762 0657 or email sales@bmengineering.co.uk.

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