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Industrial instrumentation refers to the process of controlling, monitoring and analysing media within a process using a variety of industrial instrumentation equipment. The kinds of instrumentation used within these types of process can vary, ranging from analytical instrumentation devices which feedback information about the state and flow of a liquid within a process, through to the more mechanical industrial instrumentation equipment used to control a process, such as valves, flow meters and pressure monitoring and relief products.

Industrial instrumentation equipment serves a variety of purposes, including the process control equipment used to reach and maintain optimum effective production output, the gauges used to maintain quality and consistency of products, as well as ensuring safety standards are met within a processing environment. Industrial instrumentation is used in just about every industry where processing is a key part of production or within a cleaning cycle, including the oil industry, food manufacture, water and waste processing as well as in petrochemicals. If you use instrumentation equipment within your processing plant, take a look at our wide range of both standard and specialised industrial instrumentation products below.