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Pressure Gauges

At BM Engineering we supply a wide range of pressure gauges for a variety of industries and applications. Pressure gauges are fundamental components of most processing systems and need to be reliable, accurate and easy to use to help avoid system failure in everyday operations. Pressure gauges are an important and inexpensive piece of instrumentation that can save you a lot of hassle, money and productivity loss.

Our range of pressure gauges are available in diameters of 50mm to 300mm, in an array of materials and to suit many industries including food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, dairy, brewery, distilling, pneumatic and HVAC.

  • 4″ Dial All St/st Pressure Gauge

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  • ADCA MAN-100 – Stainless Steel Syphon – Gauge Cock

    ADCA MAN-100 – Stainless Steel Syphon – Gauge Cock

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