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Steam Equipment

Steam is used for numerous tasks in industry. These include heating, propulsion or energy transport, cleaning and sterilisation, moisturisation and humidification. Each of these applications requires the use of steam control equipment that is capable of handling the pressures and temperatures associated with these environments and type of media flow. Therefore, industries that have steam equipment as a core requirement are wide ranging but can include food production, dairy, distillery and brewing and pharmaceutical.

Some of the more common steam control equipment types include pressure relief valves, steam traps and non-return valves. Pressure relief valves are common in steam control because they protect both people and property by venting an over-pressurized system, preventing catastrophic failure.

Steam traps are used to separate condensate from gases without allowing the steam to escape. A non-return valve can be found in a range of applications but can play an important part in steam control because it will allow flow to occur in one direction only, and can be operated entirely by the steam in the line without any external actuation. They are usually used to protect sensitive equipment or prevent backflow during pressure changes.

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