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Hygienic Valves

When working in industries such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, it is essential to abide to the UK standards of hygiene. To meet these standards, equipment must have a certain set of properties, which is why hygienic valves are a vital part of any process that requires safe and sanitary conditions. BM Engineering’s range of valves include butterfly, seat, diaphragm and hygienic ball valves.

BM Engineering supplies INOXPA hygienic valves that are designed and manufactured to provide the highest levels of cleanliness. Constructed of stainless steel with polished surfaces, our hygienic valves boast a range of additional features dependent on their function, including cavity-filled ball seats in hygienic ball valves.

  • Inoxpa A640 Ball Valve W/W, EPDM

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  • Inoxpa Butterfly Valve Plain Ends 316

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  • Inoxpa Check Valve. RJT M/M

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