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Globe Valves

Globe valves were once made up of a spherical body containing two equally sized internal cavities. However, although they still maintain the name derived from their original design, modern globe control valves use a mechanism of two internal pressure chambers which are separated by a baffle. The baffle has a centrally oriented opening that also functions as a seat with a movable disc designed to press into the seat, therefore obstructing the flow. The globe valve’s disc is operated by a screw-thread stem which rotates into position.

Globe valves are widely used to regulate fluid flow, providing throttling and full start/stop operation. They are suited to handling liquids and gases and are commonly used in steam systems, heating and cooling systems, oil and gas pipelines and chemical production. Whilst they are suited to shut-off applications, globe valves require a higher level of force to operate than a butterfly or ball valve.

We have a wide range of globe valves for flow control from a number of quality valve manufacturers such as Burkert and Valsteam ADCA. Take a look at our globe valve products below.

  • Bronze Globe Valve – PN32

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  • BSP Cl800 Globe Valve A105 Forged Steel Body, F6 Trim at bm engineering supplies

    Cl800 Forged Steel Globe Valve

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  • Mival Fig 64 Bellows Sealed Globe

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