INOXPA Distributors

INOXPA are market leaders in the hygienic sector, manufacturing stainless steel pumps, valves, filters, sight glasses, agitators and blenders from their factory in Banyoles, Spain since 1972. With a turnover of more than €49m in 2014 and over 530 staff, INOXPA have shown continuous growth thanks to its investment in R&D and emerging markets.

BM Engineering’s partnership with INOXPA means that we are able to cater for many industries which require a hygienic application, such as the food and drink, pharmaceutical, dairy and cosmetic sectors.

BME holds stock of ball, check and butterfly valves with either weld or RJT Male ends that are suitable for hygienic use. We are able to supply Inoxpa’s full product range, which includes various filters such as Y-strainers, angular and straight filters; ball, butterfly, non-return, diaphragm, single seat, mixproof and safety valves as well as sight glasses, pumps, mixing equipment and skids for CIP.

“We are committed to achieving major technological advances: more effective solutions at highly competitive costs and with quality as our distinguishing feature.” – INOXPA

Inoxpa's Check Valve 72700

INOXPA’s Check Valve 72700 prevents fluid from flowing backwards and ensuring that it flows in only one direction. It can be used to prevent the loss of prime of the pump and water hammer. It is used in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as in the beverage, wine and oil production. It offers the following features and benefits:

  • Available sizes: DN 25/1″ to 100/4″
  • Easy assembly/disassembly with the clamp.
  • Reduced size design.
  • Connections: Male DIN 11851, weld, clamp, RJT, IDF
Non return valve for water