The European division of American nail varnish producer, Kirker, contacted BM Engineering requesting if we could provide their factory, located in Ross-shire, with a selection of stainless steel ball valves. Below, we discuss the request from the customer and how we catered to their individual needs.


Due to the flammable nature of nail varnish, the stainless-steel bal
l valves needed to be ATEX approved, anti-static and fire-safe in order to make them suitable for a factory that was constantly working with highly flammable fluids.


BME provided a number of 3” ANSI 150 flanged stainless-steel ball valves. All were ATEX approved, anti-static and fire-safe. Many of the ball valves were manually operated. However, some were pneumatically operated with Exd explosion proof switch boxes and Exm solenoid valves, complete with air flow restrictors. This equipment was put in place to control the opening/closing speed of the valves.


The ball valves that we supplied fitted in perfectly with the nail varnish factory’s existing equipment. To this day, they are working well and to their full potential. Since this installation, the Ross-shire factory has contacted us again on several occasions valve advice and support.

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