Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, sterile and hygienic conditions are vital. At BM Engineering, we have teamed up with hygiene and fluid control experts, Inoxpa and Bürkert, both of whom manufacture products specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. These partnerships allow us to supply automated control systems, components and pharmaceutical equipment that ensure sterile conditions for all your processes.

Bürkert’s automation in pharmaceutical manufacturing

The focus at Bürkert is to supply individual solutions for specific applications. Focusing on cleanliness, easy validation and high standards, Bürkert are able to manufacture quality, focused products for medicine production, clean utilities and steam controlled pasteurisation, to name a few. We offer Bürkert’s full range of pharmaceutical automation technology.

Pharmaceutical processing equipment: Bürkert globe valves

Bürkert’s Type 2012 2/2–way Globe Valve is a perfect component for the pharmaceutical industry, consisting of a pneumatically operated piston actuator and a 2/2–way valve body. The actuator is made of PA or, for special operating conditions, PPS. The reliable self–adjusting packing gland provides high sealing integrity.

These maintenance–free and robust valves are perfect pharmaceutical automation components and can be fitted with a comprehensive range of accessories for position indication, stroke limitation or manual override.

Bürkert FLOWave SAW-Flowmeter – Type 8098

The Bürkert FLOWave Type 8098 uses Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) technology for use in applications requiring the strictest hygienic conditions; such as pharmaceutical applications. FLOWave achieves incredible sanitary levels thanks to its all stainless steel materials, including a tube free of inner parts and the ideal exterior design without any fixing components.

Designed for hygienic applications and the measurement or monitoring of water similar liquids, FLOWave sets new standards in flow measurement instrumentation, offering a range of useful features, including flexibility, cleanability (CIP and SIP), compact size, light weight, easy installation and handling, and compliance with numerous standards

Pharmaceutical manufacturing products from Inoxpa

Due to their high-tech product innovation, Inoxpa are a reference point for companies in the pharmaceutical sector. With a strong partnership with BM Engineering, together we can offer the highest quality pharmaceutical components and solutions.

Pharmaceutical processing equipment: Inoxpa non-return valves

Inoxpa’s Non-Return Valve 72700 can be used to prevent the loss of prime of the pump and water hammer. It is used in the food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the beverage, wine and oil production. The non-return valve is available in reduced size design: DN 25/1″ to 100/4″, with easy (dis)assembly.