BM Engineering Supplies – one of the most long-standing valve suppliers in Scotland – provides a wide range of valves and instrumentation across Aberdeen. We have been supplying valves across Scotland and the UK for more than 60 years and have worked with a large range of partners to source only the very best instrumentation in Aberdeen.

BME provides instrumentation for various company sizes. We work with blue chip companies all the way down to small contractors. So, whether you need a ball valve, butterfly valve or a batch of steam equipment in Aberdeen, BM Engineering can provide you with the ideal solution.

Our Products

BME stocks a wide variety of products at our Glasgow warehouse and is able to assemble, test and dispatch valves across the whole of Aberdeen. We also supply an extensive selection of instrumentation and steam equipment in Aberdeen. Due to our broad range of premium products, and extensive industry knowledge, BM Engineering Supplies has worked extensively across the process industries. Some of the products we provide include:

Steam Equipment in Aberdeen

BME offers a comprehensive range of steam equipment, which is used across Aberdeen’s food and beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical sectors. Hygiene plays a vital role across these industries, which means that the importance of clean steam is absolutely imperative. BME is one of the leading suppliers of commercial steam equipment in Aberdeen. We offer steam control valves, reducing valves and steam traps.

Knife gate valves in Aberdeen

Industries that process very thick product, such as slurry and mining, power generation and pulp, require the use of knife gate valves. Our collection of knife gate valves in Aberdeen are supplied from only the highest quality brands in the industry. The BX model of knife gate valves, for example, uses a bi-directional wafer valve which is developed for the isolation of pulverised coal burner lines. This is a favourite with businesses across Aberdeen.

Instrumentation in Aberdeen

Instrumentation, such as conductivity transmitters and flow meters, are supplied by Bürkert. We are passionate about sourcing only the very best equipment for instrumentation across Aberdeen, in order to keep your business processes running smoothly. Bürkert, one of the leading valve companies in Aberdeen and nationwide, are a long-standing partner of BME. Their pressure transmitters and flow meters are at the forefront of valve mechanics and technology, and their instrumentation equipment is well-loved across the city.

Our partnerships

At BME, we provide only the very best knife gate valves and steam equipment across Aberdeen. Within your engineering business, we understand the need for consistency and smooth, fluid processes. As a result of this, we have developed strong relationships with our brand partners and are proud to work with Valsteam ADCA, Bürkert, Inoxpa, Leengate Valves, Orbinox, Max Air Technology, Unitech SRL and Zwick Armaturen – some of the most prestigious valve companies in the industry.


BME provides instrumentation services across numerous industries in Aberdeen. We serve the brewing, dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and renewables sectors. Each industry requires a slightly different approach to their instrumentation package, and BME offers a tailored approach to each sector.

Thanks to growing demand for craft ales, the brewing industry has seen a boom over recent years. As a result of this, and a self-confessed passion for beer, Bürkert has cultivated brewery-specific mechanisms to ensure the brewing process is as smooth as it can be. The food and beverage industry demands a level of hygiene that far outweighs any other sector, so the supply of steam equipment in Aberdeen is vitally important. BME takes on the challenge of serving every industry, with valve quality that is second to none. Aberdeen’s dairy, pharmaceutical and renewables services are also supported by BME.

We understand that some applications require specialised equipment to ensure optimal productivity. Therefore, we can guide you towards the best valve selection. From our warehouse in Glasgow we are able to supply actuated packages for a variety of industries. We are able to assemble, size, test and custom build an actuated package to fit your specific applications.
For more information on any of our services, please call 0141 762 0657 or email sales@bmengineering.co.uk to speak to one of our team.

Our Brands

Since our doors first opened in 1999, we have build fantastic relationships with some of the most recognisable brands within the industrial manufacturing industry. Click below to learn more about the brands we work with.

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Our Industries

BM Engineering provides industrial valves, actuated packages, steam equipment and instrumentation to partners across a variety of industry sectors, from blue-chip companies to SMEs. Click below to learn more about the industries we support.

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