Birmingham Valve Suppliers

BM Engineering Suppliers has been distributing process valves and instrumentation devices nationwide for more than 22 years. In that time, we have been supporting businesses up and down the country, including in Birmingham, where we are now more committed than ever to becoming recognised as the go-to Birmingham valve supplier.

Since 1999, we have been growing our reputation, particularly in Scotland, for quality distribution of high-performance valves and instrumentation products. We are proud of our products and our ability to support so many key industries with their application challenges. Some of these include brewing, distilling, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.

Our range of valves in Birmingham

It is our commitment to become the goto suppliers to as many areas of the UK as possible, such is our commitment and confidence in the quality of the products we supply. Becoming a Birmingham valves supplier is not something new to us. We have supported businesses in and around the region for many years, delivering popular products such as ball segment valves, stainless steel process valves and triple offset butterfly valves. We have been supporting businesses in and around the region for many years, including; Actuated valves, Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Globe valves,Gate valves and so many more.

Our Partnerships

We may be located north of the border, but that has not stopped us from growing a reputation for the highest quality when it comes to performance. The industrial valves that we are providing are manufactured by some of the most recognisable brands within the manufacturing industry, thanks largely to the strong relationships we have built with them over time.

You can view some of the manufacturers we supply for here:

  • Bürkert
  • Valsteam ADCA
  • Orbinox
  • Leengate Valves
  • Zwick Armaturen
  • Unitech
  • Max Air Technology

Instrumentation suppliers for Birmingham

Not only are we committed to supplying high-quality process valves, but we also offer support when it comes to process instrumentation. We can provide fast delivery turnaround on the instrumentation for measuring, monitoring, and controlling various media within our range.

We can be on hand to support any business in Birmingham with their instrumentation requests. Thanks to our partnership with industry-leading instrumentation manufacturers Bürkert, we can ensure the very best quality and results when it comes to fluid control. For more information about any of our services, contact BM Engineering Supplies on 0141 762 0657, email or complete our contact form.

Our Brands

Since our doors first opened in 1999, we have build fantastic relationships with some of the most recognisable brands within the industrial manufacturing industry. Click below to learn more about the brands we work with.

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Our Industries

BM Engineering provides industrial valves, actuated packages, steam equipment and instrumentation to partners across a variety of industry sectors, from blue-chip companies to SMEs. Click below to learn more about the industries we support.

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