BM Engineering are leading Valve Suppliers in Glasgow and the surrounding region. With over 60 years’ combined experience, we can provide a unique valve solution to suit your requirements. Whether you require a ball valve, valve sensor or any other type of valve in Glasgow, BM Engineering has exactly what you need.

Our Products

In Glasgow, BM Engineering is recognised as one of the leading specialists in actuated packages. If it is an electrically or pneumatically actuated valve, BM Engineering can assemble, size and test custom-built packages in-house to suit the requirements of your given application.

Brewing Valve Suppliers in Glasgow

Breweries are taking full advantage of the technology that BM Engineering can provide to help improve efficiency and streamline their processes. Being partnered with instrumentation giants Bürkert and Inoxpa allows us to provide the best available products for your brewery applications in and around Glasgow.

Dairy Valve Suppliers in Glasgow

Very little would be possible without automated control systems and complex monitoring technology for liquid media in modern dairy farms. BM Engineering can supply all of the products necessary for all your dairy technology needs in the Glasgow region. To provide all of the instrumentation you will need to control your fully automated dairy farm, we are partnered with leading manufacturers of dairy farm automation components, Bürkert and Inoxpa,

Food and Beverage Valve Suppliers in Glasgow

BM Engineering is a leading exponent of Food and Beverage instrumentation for specialist applications in the Glasgow area. BM Engineering recommends Bürkert for high performance, hygienic and reliable F&B products. Their products have evolved over the years, leading to improvements in not only design but also efficiency and reliability.

Pharmaceutical Valve Suppliers in Glasgow

Sterile and hygienic conditions are vital within the pharmaceutical industry. At BM Engineering, we once again teamed up with hygiene and fluid control experts, Inoxpa and Bürkert, allowing us to supply automated control systems, components and pharmaceutical equipment to customers across Glasgow that ensure sterile conditions for all your vital processes.

Renewables Valve Suppliers in Glasgow

BM Engineering Supplies is one of Glasgow’s leading renewable energy instrumentation suppliers. The need for renewable energy, and the renewable energy sector in general, is increasingly becoming a growth area in Scotland and globally. As such, BM Engineering can provide all of the essential equipment that you might need, including ball valves, knife gate valves and v-ball control valves.

Our Brands

Since our doors first opened in 1999, we have build fantastic relationships with some of the most recognisable brands within the industrial manufacturing industry. Click below to learn more about the brands we work with.

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Our Industries

BM Engineering provides industrial valves, actuated packages, steam equipment and instrumentation to partners across a variety of industry sectors, from blue-chip companies to SMEs. Click below to learn more about the industries we support.

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