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Industrial valves are used to control the flow of gases, liquids and slurries. They are a key part of many industrial systems as they provide stability and reliability to the process via the control of pressure, flow rate and flow direction of the media. Industrial valves are used in every industry where fluids need to be controlled, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, distilling, dairy and renewable energy. BM Engineering is a valve supplier to each of these industries and more, working with valve manufacturers who specialise in developing products specifically for these environments.

Industrial valves are available in a range of configurations to suit the media flow, pressure, operating environment and specific needs such as hygiene or ATEX. The valve manufacturers that we work with are recognised globally for their expertise and innovation in fields relating to the industries that they serve. As an industrial valve supplier, we stock all the key valve types and have specialist industrial valves available within these ranges which are industry-specific. To find out more about the industrial valve types that we sell and the valve manufacturers that we work with, take a look at our product ranges on the pages below.