Sight Glasses

At BM Engineering, we supply a wide range of sight glasses from equipment specialists Inoxpa and Valsteam ADCA. We offer many different types of sight glasses including tubular, clamp and flat. Sight glasses come in three different styles:

  • Tubular sight glass – This is where the sight glass acts as a transparent tube through which the operator of a tank or boiler can observe the level of liquid contained within.
  • Circular sight glass – A circular pane of glass through which an operator can view inside a vessel.
  • Sight flow – An in-line style sight glass which allows the flow of a fluid in a pipeline to be observed.

Inoxpa 8000 Tubular Sight Glass

This Inoxpa 8000 tubular sight glass has a stainless-steel frame and a pipe made of glass for easy inspection of the product flow. Including a full-bore design, self-locking nuts and 360 degree viewing angle, this tubular sight glass is great for applications in the food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Tubular sight glass

Valsteam ADCA double window sight glass

The Valsteam ADCA double window sight glass DW40S has been designed for monitoring the right operation of a steam trap, to avoid leakage of live steam and consequently big energy losses. It is recommended that this sight glass is installed downstream of the steam trap. This double window DW sight glass has been designed for this particular application with connections being either female screwed or flanged.

Double window sight glass

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