Sight Glass Distributors

At BM Engineering Supplies, we can supply a wide range of sight glasses from equipment specialists INOXPA and Valsteam ADCA. Part of our ancillaries equipment range, we offer many different types of sight glass varieties,  including tubular, clamp and flat.

Sight glasses come in three different styles:


  • – Tubular sight glass: This is where the sight glass acts as a transparent tube through which the operator of a tank or boiler can observe the level of liquid contained within.


  • – Circular sight glass: A circular pane of glass through which an operator can view inside a vessel.


  • – Sight flow glass: An in-line style sight glass that allows the flow of a fluid in a pipeline to be observed.

INOXPA sight glasses

As a sanitary specialist, INOXPA is second to none where it comes to producing sight glass ancillaries for hygienic process applications. For businesses within the process industry that require ancillary equipment to inspect media contents and liquid flow within a pipeline system, INOXPA sight glass products will exceed your expectations.  

Part of their range of hygienic fittings, INOXPA’s stainless steel sight glasses can be supplied either as a tubular, clamp or flat model, depending on your industries requirements

INOXPA clamp flat sight glass

INOXPA clamp flat sight glasses consist of tempered glass attached via a clamp. Featuring AISI stainless steel casing and an EPDM adapter gasket, INOXPA’s 8057 clamp sight glasses are fitted to tanks to inspect the product, level and the process itself. This model can also be equipped with a range of optional gasket and connection types, as well as ISO certified borosilicate glass and double flat clamps, depending on your process application requirements. 

INOXPA clamp flat sight glass

INOXPA DIN clamp flat sight glass

For food-processing applications that must meet stringent DIN requirements, we recommend INOXPA’s DIN clamp flat sight glass. A modified version of INOXPA’s clamp sight glass, these flat sight glasses are fastened via a sanitary DIN union. Compliant with DIN 11850 specifications, INOXPA’s 8050 model clamp flat sight glass features AISI stainless casing and a sanitary polish, as well as two gaskets made from NBR and PTFE respectively.

INOXPA DIN clamp flat sight glass

INOXPA tubular sight glass

INOXPA tubular sight glasses feature a stainless-steel frame and pipe made of glass for easy inspection of product flow. Featuring a sanitary polish and full-bore design, INOXPA’s 8000 tubular sight glass includes self-locking nuts and a 360-degree  viewing angle for greater inspection of products. 


Manufactured from AISI stainless steel, INOXPA tubular sight glasses are ideal ancillary components for an array of different process applications, such as those found within the food-process, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Capable of either vertical or horizontal assembly, INOXPA tubular sight glass can also be supplied with a variety of connections and gaskets, all of which meet required regulations for hygienic processes. 

INOXPA tubular sight glass

Valsteam ADCA sight glasses

Valsteam ADCA has gained an esteemed reputation for manufacturing reliable pipeline ancillary equipment. This reputation extends to its diverse range of sight glasses. Used for monitoring steam traps, Valsteam ADCA sight glasses are ideal for avoiding leakage of live steam and, consequently, avoiding big energy losses. The primary sight glass type in this range is the Valsteam ADCA double window sight glass.

Valsteam ADCA double window sight glass

Double window sight glasses from Valsteam ADCA are ideal for use within the condensate pipes of process applications, preferably positioned downstream of steam traps. All Valsteam ADCA double window sight glasses should be installed either vertically or horizontally, with the option of mica shield discs for use with steam. 

Valsteam ADCA double window sight glasses can be supplied in the following models:

  • – Valsteam ADCA DW12 double window sight glass: Available in 11/4” to 2”, this bronze double window sight glass model features ISO 7/1 certified female screwed connections


  • – Valsteam ADCA DW12G – DW12SS double window sight glass: Available in DN 15 to DN 150, these models are variants of the standard DW12 sight glass manufactured from cast-iron and stainless steel respectively. 


  • – Valsteam ADCA DW40S double window sight glass: Available 1/2” to 2“; this carbon steel sight glass can be supplied with a choice of ISO 7/1 female screwed or EN flanged connections, depending on your application requirements.


  • – Valsteam ADCA DW40SS double window sight glass: Available in DN 15 to DN 50, this model is a stainless steel variant of the DW40S carbon steel model for applications with stricter hygienic requirements. 
Valsteam ADCA double window sight glass

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A sight glass, also known as a sight window or sight port, is a robust cylindrical window that allows convenient and/or safe visual observation of the interior of a tank or pipe that usually contains fluid.

Sight glasses are versatile and can usually be seen in an array of common applications. Most coffee makers or espresso machines have some kind of fluid level gauge. Whereas, motorcycle engines have sight glasses to allow visual inspection of oil levels. In regards to industrial sight glasses, they are regularly found in processes or plants where liquid flow inspection and control is vital.