INOXPA Hygienic Mixers

As part of our range of hygienic equipment, BM Engineering is able to provide mixers for a host of hygienic applications. Hygienic mixers can be crucial products for many application in hygiene-critical industries, such as the food and beverage industry. When used in hygienic applications, INOXPA mixing solutions offer the highest levels of hygienic construction as standard.

INOXPA mixers for hygienic applications

For any process manufacturers looking to implement mixers into their hygienic applications, INOXPA has a comprehensive selection to choose from. INOXPA’s range of agitator hygienic mixers varies from portable and vertical agitators to magnetic and side-entry agitators. INOXPA can also supply a range of hygienic blender mixers, with horizontal and table variations available.

The core mixing solutions available from INOXPA are their in-line, multitooth, tank bottom and vertical mixers. In particular, the INOXPA ME4100 hygienic in-line mixer is a favourite with BM Engineering customers.

INOXPA ME4100 hygienic mixer

The INOXPA ME 4100 hygienic mixer series offers the possibility to pump, disperse, homogenise and emulsify products with one set of equipment. INOXPA’s ME 4100 hygienic mixer is especially useful with a recirculation tank, reaching optimal efficiency even after several circulations of the product through the in-line mixer.

The INOXPA ME 4100 hygienic mixer range’s main features include:

  • – High shear, particle size reduction to less than 100 microns.
  • – Sanitary single mechanical seal.
  • – Slotted head (standard).
  • – Various easily interchangeable working heads.
  • – Completely CIP enabled design.
  • – Drain port connection clamp DN-3/4″.
  • – Standard connections: Clamp ISO-2852.
  • – Close-coupled construction, small baseplate.
  • – Motor shroud.
  • – Motors: IEC B35, IP 55, F-class insulation.

To find out more about INOXPA mixers for hygienic applications, including the ME 4100, contact BM Engineering Supplies today on 0141 762 0657 or email