Bürkert Flow Meters

Part of our instrumentation range, BM Engineering Supplies distributes a wide range of water and gas flow meters from leading manufacturers, Bürkert. There are various flow meter types on the market, which are all used to provide accurate measurements of liquid and gas across many manufacturing industries.

Here at BM Engineering Supplies, we can supply your business with a variety of flow meter types, including paddle wheel, magnetic and mass flow meters. As Bürkert flow meter suppliers, we can provide your business with an array of high-quality flow measurement equipment, including Bürkert’s unique FLOWave flow meter.

Bürkert FLOWave flow meters

Featuring their patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, Bürkert FLOWave flow meters are capable of providing effective results even in the most demanding hygienic applications, thanks to the absence of sensor elements within the measuring tube.

Key features of Bürkert FLOWave flow meters include:

  • No leakage problems, dead spaces or replacement parts
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Minimal energy requirements and significant cost-savings
  • Measurement independent of flow direction

Flow meter types

In addition to FLOWave flow meters, BM Engineering also stocks the following flow meter types from Bürkert:

  • Magnetic flow meters
  • Mass flow meters
  • Paddle wheel flow meters
  • Positive displacement flow meters

All Bürkert flow meters models are primarily used for the treatment of water or gas applications.

Water flow meters

Digital water flow meters can be used in various industries to measure the flow of water, as well as other clear fluids. Capable of providing accurate and easy-to-read measurements, our digital flow meters are ideal for use with linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric liquids.

Bürkert’s Type 8030 paddle wheel flow meter is often a popular choice among process industry manufacturers due to its compact fitting and easy connectivity. Suitable for neutral or slightly aggressive liquids, this Bürkert water flow meter is often used to measure the flow of liquids within the food and beverage industry. Paddle wheel flow meters are the preferred choice among many manufactures due to their cost-effectiveness.

For applications involving highly viscous liquids, positive displacement flow meters are an excellent choice. These water flow meters are proven to work well within applications that have multiple flow rates. Bürkert’s Type 8071 oval rotor low flow sensor is a good example of this.

For measuring dirty liquids or wastewater applications, magnetic flow meters are more applicable. These water flow meters do not feature moving parts and instead adopt a magnetic sensor fitting to measure the flow of liquids. Bürkert’s Type 8051 complete bore magnetic flow meter is designed for applications for liquids with a minimum conductivity of 5μS/c, typically found in high-precision dosing and filling operations.

Gas flow meters

If your business requires gas to be accurately measured as it travels through tubes, mass flow meters are the best instrumentation for this task. These gas flow meters utilise inline sensors that are based directly in the main channel to deliver extremely fast response times. Mass flow meters are also less sensitive to contamination, which ensures a truly reliable process.

As well as providing digital flow meters for water, BM Engineering can also provide suitable Bürkert models for use in chemical and gas applications. Bürkert’s Type 8006 digital mass flow meter utilises an inline sensor based on the thermal principle to yield results with faster response times and main stream measurement, which is less sensitive to contamination.


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Yes. Here at BM Engineering, we supply a range of Bürkert flow meters, including the Burkert Type 8071 positive displacement flow meter. The Type 8071 is used for measurement or batch control of highly viscous fluids. It has exceptional repeatability and high accuracy across a wide range of viscosities and flowrates.