Temperature transmitters

A temperature transmitter is an electrical instrument that interfaces a temperature sensor to a measurement or control device. BM Engineering Supplies can deliver a wide range of temperature transmitter products, including devices from Bürkert.

Bürkert Type 8400

Bürkert’s Type 8400 is an intelligent sensor/switch with an extra-large display. It is specifically designed to switch a valve and to establish a monitoring system or an ON/OFF control loop. Compact and wall versions are available and connections to the process in the piping are made using standard fittings.

The switching points can be programmed with the three key pads or optionally, with input 4 – 20 mA, from an external PLC over a 4 – 20 mA loop. As an option, the process value can additionally be transmitted to the PLC (4 – 20 mA). This device also delivers menu-guided parametrisation and complete communication thanks to external set points.



Output limits are signal limits. In other words, where your signal should be measured up to.

At BME, we recommend a digital temperature transmitter because with digital you only have to measure once. The measurement is immediately converted to a digital ‘word’ for further processing. On the other hand, with analogue you must re-measure at each step in the process, which leaves more room for error.