At BM Engineering, we pride ourselves on the range of steam equipment that we can supply. Valsteam are one of our most popular partners and therefore we can supply the full range of ADCA Pure steam equipment.

ADCA Pure is aimed at very demanding industries that require high performance purity systems. That is why throughout the production cycle Valsteam’s products are subject to tight specifications and requirements. When supplying to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical and food and beverage, production conditions must be of the highest degree of cleanliness.

ADCA cleanroom video

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ADCA Pure Products

The ADCA Pure complete range of steam equipment utilises various materials, and is designed for various pressures.

  • High purity ball valves
  • Sanitary pneumatic control valves
  • Sanitary pressure reducing valves
  • Low pressure blanketing regulator
  • Clean steam traps
ADCA pure

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Valsteam ADCA has evolved into a company that is now present in 80 countries with a 22,000 square metre manufacturing facility where all of the products they sell today are produced.

Their product portfolio includes:


  • Steam traps
  • Steam control valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pipeline ancillaries
  • Special equipment