Safety Relief Valves

The main function of a safety valve is to protect property and life. A safety valve is usually the last device to stop catastrophic failure under pressure conditions. Therefore, it must work at all times and be 100% reliable. Safety valves should be utilised wherever the maximum allowable working pressure of an application is likely to be exceeded. At BM Engineering, we supply a wide variety of trustworthy safety valves from top-quality suppliers.

Inoxpa Pressure Relief Valve 74700

This pressure relief valve is used to perform pressure bypasses for safety purposes in order to protect lines, pumps, accessories and pools, to name but a few. With a sanitary design, fully manufactured in stainless steel, the 74700 valve is the most suitable option for protection of facilities in the dairies, food, beverages, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries.

Its main features include:

  • Easy manual adjustment
  • Gaskets according to FDA.177.2600
  • Standard connections: DIN 11851
  • Available in diameters: DN25 to DN80
Safety relief valve


Safety relief valves should be installed vertically with the drain holes open or piped to a convenient location. Installing a safety relief valve in any position other than vertical and upright may negatively affect performance and lifetime.

No. Pressure relief valves run off gauge pressure, which is used to set the valves. Therefore, the effects of weather and altitude on the set pressure can be ignored.