Special Equipment

At BM Engineering, we supply a wide variety of process industry special equipment ranging from packaged pumps to humidity separators and steam injectors. No matter what your process industry special equipment requirement, BM Engineering can supply the product solution – delivered to an extremely high standard, each and every time.

Special Equipment types

Valsteam POP-K Packaged Pump

The Valsteam POP-K packaged pump can be used to lift or dislodge hot condensate and other liquids even in hazardous areas. A POP-K packaged unit comprises an Adcamat pump, a vented receiver and all auxiliary items, compactly mounted on a metal frame piped and ready for connection.

Packaged units save time, work and site costs. In addition, they ensure that installation of the pump is correct in every detail. Two or more units can be connected in parallel to cope with flow rates beyond the capacity of a single pump. Units operating with compressed air are also available.

Valsteam POP K Packaged Pump

Valsteam S25 steam separators

The Valsteam S25 series of centrifugal separators remove moisture from steam and compressed air pipelines. The condensate is then collected at the bottom of the separator and automatically drained by a suitable steam or compressed air trap.

The Valsteam S25 steam separator features:

  • Several possibilities of installation
  • No moving parts
  • Condensate flanged connection
  • Carbon steel or zinc plated body


Here at BME, we can supply a wide range of special equipment to suit any application. Some of the equipment we can supply include:


  • Humidity separators
  • Packaged pumps
  • Steam injectors