Steam Pipeline Ancillaries

Often neglected to save costs, steam pipeline ancillaries are extremely important to the efficient running of your steam application. Valsteam ADCA produces sight glasses, vacuum breakers, drip traps for compressed air systems, air eliminators and several other ancillary items which are vital to the functioning of your installation. Here at BME, we can provide a wide range of steam pipeline ancillaries. One of the main products we supply is the ADCA AE16SS Air Eliminator.

ADCA AE16SS Air Eliminator

The ADCA AE16SS stainless steel air eliminator removes air from HVAC systems and is also suitable for non-corrosive and/or dangerous liquids. This ball float type automatic air eliminator can be used in combination with other air elimination and separation systems or directly applied at high points in the piping.

The ADCA AE16SS Air Eliminator’s main features include:

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Replacement internal parts
  • Use in cold and hot water systems