Triple offset butterfly valves are ideal for applications that require a tight shut-off whilst being able to handle a high-velocity flow and provide a low maintenance solution. Triple offset butterfly valves have been around for decades, but, like other critical engineering valves, they continue to evolve and improve, with specific designs available for particular industries and applications. We work with only the leading, high-performance triple offset butterfly valve suppliers and manufacturers.


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What are Triple offset butterfly valves?

Triple offset butterfly valves have an offset location of the shaft in relation to the centre line of the bore and the centre line of the disc/seat sealing surfaces. These two offsets in combination create a cam action during operation to lift the seat out of the seal. The third offset is an additional shaping of the sealing components. The seal is machined in such a way as to create an angled leading edge. Disc contact is only made at the final point of closure with the resultant angled edge acting as a stop.

Triple offset butterfly valve suppliers for high performance industries

Here at BM Engineering Supplies, we select our partners carefully, ensuring that any equipment that we source and supply always meets the exacting demands of our customers from the outset. Our triple offset butterfly valve suppliers include Zwick Armaturen, Somas Instrument AB and Unitech SRL. Some of our featured triple offset butterfly valves include:

Somas triple offset butterfly valves

Somas are renowned as a world-leading triple offset butterfly valve supplier into many demanding industries. With valves that are suitable for just about any flow including steam, gas, water and other fluids, they are also used in sectors where pulp is commonly found within the flow. The high surface pressure between the seat and the disc means that the valve will easily cut through the fibrous pulp to create a tight shut-off.


Somas triple offset butterfly valves come in options for both MTV and VSS type designs. Available in a range of materials and sizes, the valves can be used in a wide variety of applications.


  • Sizes: DN80 – DN1200
  • Pressure range: PN10 – PN100
  • Housing: mount between flanges or with lugs
  • Closure: Class V for metal and class VI for soft-seal options

Zwick Armaturen triple offset butterfly valves

Zwick Armaturen have a reputation as exceptional triple offset butterfly suppliers, manufacturers and designers, developing their range of triple offset butterfly valves for the most demanding industries and challenging environments.

Our Zwick Armaturen triple offset butterfly valves have some impressive functionality. The TRI-CON triple offset butterfly valve is popular for chemical, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, and suitable for exhaust gases, liquids and steam up to 815˚C. The TRI-CON has a cone-in-cone seating design and multiple laminations.


  • Sizes: DN50 – DN2200
  • Pressure range: PN10 – PN160
  • Housing: flanges or lugs
  • Fire safe in accordance with BS6755 and API 607 4th ed. for both flow directions
  • Anti blow-out shaft API 609
  • Optional double block and bleed design

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