Knife Gate Valve Distributors

BM Engineering Supplies are knife gate valve suppliers, providing a wide range of knife gate valves, which are so called because of their ability to cut through media containing solids. Knife gate valves are widely used across many industries that process very thick media, such as in pulp and paper, slurry and mining, water treatment, power generation and many more industrial applications.  We are proud partners of Orbinox UK and hold stock of their knife gate valves in sizes 80mm to 600mm. Both handwheel operator and pneumatic double acting cylinder versions are stocked in cast iron and stainless steel. Other operators – such as chain wheel, handwheel with non-rising stem, lever and electric actuator – are also sourced directly from Orbinox’s factory in Spain.

Knife Gate Valve Types

Orbinox Knife Gate Valves – EX Model

Orbinox offers a wide range of knife gate valves. Their EX model is a uni-directional wafer valve that has been developed for general industrial service applications. The seat and body of the EX model have been designed to assure non-clogging on solids.  The valve can be used in many industries including pulp and paper, wastewater treatment plants and food and beverage.

kinfe gate valve

Orbinox Knife Gate Valves – EB Model

Orbinox’s EB model knife gate valve has been designed to be used in a number of general industrial service applications. The body and seat have been designed to assure non-clogging shutoff on suspended solids, in a number of different industries, including wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants, food and beverage and more.

Knife gate valve


For applications involving slurries, and other thick viscous fluids, a knife gate valve is more often than not an essential component. These specialist shut-off valves cut through slurry media like a knife and work to permit or prevent the flow of liquids.

Knife gate valves are commonly used in applications involving slurries. This is because their so-called “knife” cuts right through the slurry. They are also used in applications that involve viscous liquids, such as heavy oils, light grease, honey and other non-flammable viscous liquids. Knife gate valves are excellent for use anywhere that a shut-off valve is needed.