NAMUR Valves

BM Engineering is a reliable UK stockist of NAMUR interface valves, designed for direct mounting for actuators and other process valve types. We provide NAMUR solenoid valves for a range of automation processes, such as those found within the distilling industry.

What are NAMUR valves?

NAMUR stands for User Association of Automation Technology, which is the standard body for users of automated valves within the process industry. Unlike standard valve interfaces for actuator mountings, a NAMUR interface allows for direct mounting to pneumatic or electrical inlet and outlet ports.

Part of our valves range, NAMUR valves are designed to control the automated flow of media within process applications. This is achieved by an electric solenoid which opens and closes the valve via a pilot. The pilot then controls the amount of air that is directed back to the mounted actuator, which in turn converts the compressed air into motion. This function ensures that NAMUR solenoid valves can control the flow speed, amount and direction of the chosen media type.

NAMUR valves significantly reduce piping and bracket requirements when fitting directional control valves. Aside from cost savings, NAMUR valves can be matched to an array of different operating environments, all whilst using the same interface.

NAMUR solenoid valves from Bürkert

Here at BM Engineering, we are proud distributors of Bürkert NAMUR solenoid valves. Bürkert’s Type 6519 is a 5/2 or 5/3-way solenoid valve. The Standard Type 6519 NAMUR valve comes complete with Tag connector for electrical connection, according to DIN EN 175301-803

The valve body consists of a Type 6519 Pilot and main valve, manufactured from Polyamide, reinforced glass-fibre. It generates a compressed air quality in line with ISO class 8573-1: 2010, Class 7.4,4. The Type 6519 NAMUR solenoid valve delivers  100% continuous operation within an operating temperature of -25°C to +55°C.

In addition, by changing the coil on the valve body, it is possible to easily convert from Non-Ex operation to Ex operation (or vice versa). The coils are designed to be push-over and can be locked in 4 x 90 displaced positions and can be positioned anywhere in between.

The key features of Bürkert’s 6519 NAMUR solenoid valve include:

  • – Single or block mounting
  • – Suitable for outdoor and chemical atmospheres
  • – Suitable for low temperatures
  • – Explosion-proof versions
  • – Threaded or NAMUR flange connections

In addition, BM Engineering has developed a purpose-built NAMUR solenoid in collaboration with  Bürkert. Bürkert’s 5470 NAMUR solenoid valve was commissioned as part of a BME led distillery expansion project. Since then, it has become a core Bürkert product, which we offer to our customers.

Consisting of a type 6104 pilot rocker solenoid valve and a pneumatic valve, a unique feature of the Bürkert 5470 NAMUR valve is it’s integrated air flow restrictors for both opening and closing operations. To date, this model is the only NAMUR solenoid valve on the UK market that has this feature.

UK supplier of NAMUR valves

As a reputable supplier of NAMUR valves, BM Engineering can offer NAMUR solenoid valves either as part of our actuated packages or sold as a singular product.

For more information about the NAMUR solenoid valves we offer, or to purchase NAMUR valves from BM Engineering, get in touch today on 0141 762 0657, via email at, or make an enquiry on our website.