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Max Air Technology products
Tue 24 Jul 2018

Why choose Max Air Technology?

At BM Engineering Supplies, we pride ourselves on being Max Air Technology suppliers and stock a comprehensive range of their products, including Max Air pneumatic valve actuators. But why choose Max Air Technology for your plant? In this article, we will be discussing Max Air Technology products and why you should choose them for your application.

Who are Max Air Technology?

Based in Milan, Max Air Technology is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic actuators, limit switch boxes, solenoid valves and other associated automation products. Max Air pneumatic valve actuators bring together on the best features from existing products in the marketplace. This creates a superior product that is affordable and flexible in terms of mounting options for various valves.

Max Air Technology products

Max Air pneumatic valve actuators have distinguishing features that set them apart from others in the marketplace, such as adjustable travel stops which adjust +/- 10° at each end of the stroke – the biggest available in the industry. They also have a range of technopolymer actuators, which are designed to withstand tough environments at an affordable price.

 MT Series rack and pinion actuator

Max Air Technology’s MT Series rack and pinion actuators feature a slimmer body design while maintaining extensive options for easy valve integration, flexible customisation and reliable operation.

They offer the following features and benefits:

Compact design
NAMUR mounting
Patented ±10° adjustment
Rugged tooth design
Stainless steel fasteners

To complement their range of actuators, Max Air can also offer limit switches, a range of solenoid valves and positioners with pneumatic or electro-pneumatic control and options for ATEX compatibility. All products are designed and manufactured to the ISO 9001:2000 quality system and 100% tested.

Limit Switch Boxes

The Max-Air BE45 series is available in both aluminium and stainless steel. These reliable and robust limit switch boxes are a time-tested solution for all your position monitoring needs. Switches are available with mechanical, proximity and inductive switch types, and are fully certified to European standards.

Why choose Max Air Technology?

Not only does Max Air provide a vast range of products, but each of those products are tried and tested to fit an array of environments and industries. They are a trusted manufacturer of pneumatic actuators and are affordable and flexible in terms of mounting options for various valves.

For more information on Max Air pneumatic valve actuators, or to purchase any other Max Air Technology products, get in touch today on 0141 762 0657 or email sales@bmengineering.co.uk.

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