SOMAS Instrument AB develops and manufactures control valves made from high-grade, acid-proof stainless steel. Based in Säffle, safety and continuity have been the cornerstones of the SOMAS manufacturing process for over 70 years. This business model has afforded Somas with a reputation as a worldwide market leader for developing control valves, such as ball segment valves. BM Engineering are proud suppliers of SOMAS ball segment valves, specifically designed for the distilling industry.



The precision control gained from SOMAS Ball segment valves perfectly matches the requirements of the distilling industry. Featuring superior properties, SOMAS ball segment valves offer high capacity, excellent tightness and free flow. Their high capacity comes from the design of its seat and ball segment. What makes SOMAS ball segment valves different? They are designed with free flow in mind. As a result, this reduces the risk of clogging when applied in distilling applications.

First and foremost a control valve, SOMAS ball segment valves provide excellent tightness in closed positions, meaning they can be installed and used in countless different areas. These reliable control valves can handle any form of substance, thanks to their free flow design. Their seats can also be manufactured out of different materials to suit customer requirements. This means SOMAS ball segment valves can be customised to match varying temperatures with ease, making them ideal for most distilling applications.


What is the flow characteristic of a SOMAS ball-segment valve?
SOMAS ball-segment valves have a flow characteristic which is close to linear. This can be useful on liquid applications and applications where the valve is manually controlled.

Are there options for different designs on SOMAS ball-segment valve?
The segment in SOMAS ball-segment valves is removable. It can be changed out for one with a noise reduction unit. There is also a segment with V-notch available which allows for applications which require high consistency.

Are SOMAS ball-segment valves serviceable?
The design of the SOMAS ball-segment valve allows for easy servicing. Once the cover plate is removed using the specially designed tool, the operator can access the segment and valve seat.

What size of SOMAS ball-segment valve should I select?
The SOMAS ball-segment valves have a high flow capacity relative to their size so it is vital to get good flow information in order to size the valve correctly. In many cases the size of a SOMAS ball-segment valve can be smaller than expected, also allowing for a smaller actuator.