Glenmorangie Distillery


The Glenmorangie distillery is perched on the wild coast of the Highlands, looking out across the Dornoch Firth. The 175 year old traditional stone buildings that still distil the single malts known and loved around the world, however, have a dramatic new addition rising out from their midst. Known as the ‘Lighthouse’, this towering glass stillhouse is to become the playground of their master distiller, Dr Bill Lumsden, and has been designed to allow the Glenmorangie company to develop and innovate not only in the flavour profiles that they are so renowned for, but throughout the full distilling process to push the boundaries of possibilities in the way that whisky is made.


This new distillery is vast; standing at 20m tall with two of Glenmorangie’s signature “giraffe” copper stills, which allow more space for improved and better developed taste and aromas. In addition to the stillhouse is a sensory laboratory, used for ongoing experimentation. The challenge for everyone involved was to develop a distillery that is capable of stopping and starting the process to allow for changes and evolution. The team working there need to have unprecedented control over the entire process.


Glenmorangie needed partners to work with them to develop this finely tuned, complex, fully adaptable distillery that would meet their needs for innovation and experimentation. BM Engineering were selected to work with Glenmorangie to provide all the valves and steam equipment and many of the instruments throughout this unique distillery.


Glenmorangie now have world-leading facilities which provide them with complete control over the creative process of developing new flavours and new ways to innovate throughout the distilling process. A unique business already renowned for innovation and challenging the norms around whisky production, they now have the ability to develop the whiskies of the future – those that we will see on our shelves, in our bars and restaurants in 10 or 15 years; class leading equipment and facilities alongside creativity and knowledge have put them right at the top of their game.

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