In modern dairy farms, very little would be possible without automated control systems and complex monitoring technology for liquid media. BM Engineering supplies all of the products and systems necessary for all your dairy technology needs. We are partnered with Bürkert and Inoxpa, both of whom are leading manufacturers of dairy farm automation components, and we can provide all of the instrumentation you will need to control your fully automated dairy farm.


Bürkert has been a supplier of automation solutions to the Dairy Industry for decades. Their range of systems and products have been designed and developed with dairy applications in mind. As we have a close working partnership with Bürkert, BM Engineering can supply all their precision products. Find out more about our range below.


  • Why is Inoxpa chosen as one of BM Engineering’s dairy product suppliers?

    Inoxpa is committed to providing complete solutions focused purely on the dairy industry. They specialise in developing valves and fittings, pumps and mixing designed entirely for dairy applications, therefore their products are suitable for the individual demands of the industry. Their products take into consideration the standards that dairy technology needs to meet.

  • What automated solutions are available for the dairy industry?

    BM Engineering Supplies has a multitude of automated dairy systems from Inoxpa, for example, the Inoxpa SolidMix. This is a solid/liquid blender and recirculation system for dissolution of solids. It can also be adapted for your specific application by connecting preparation tanks to the blender. It is designed for the dairy industry for both milk reconstitution and yoghurt production.