Pipeline Ancillaries

As pipeline ancillaries distributors, BM Engineering can supply your business with water pipeline ancillaries. Part of our extensive ancillaries range, we can provide air eliminators designed for water systems from specialist manufacturers, Valsteam ADCA.

Valsteam pipeline ancillaries

When it comes to guaranteeing the efficiency of your water distribution system, there are several pipeline ancillaries that are required but often neglected. Which is why BM Engineering has partnered with Valsteam ADCA. Together, we can provide businesses throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK with first-class pipeline ancillaries, such as air eliminators, to ensure your water system runs as smoothly as possible.

ADCA AE16SS air eliminators

One of the most popular air eliminators for water systems, the ADCA E16SS air eliminator is a crucial ancillary component for any fluid-based application. The ADCA AE16SS stainless steel air eliminator is suitable for dealing with non-corrosive and dangerous liquids, as well as removing air from HVAC systems.

This ball float type automatic air eliminator from Valsteam ADCA can be used in combination with other elimination and separation systems or directly applied at high points in pipelines. 

The unique features of the ADCA AE16SS air eliminator include:

  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Use within both cold and hot water systems
  • Replacement internal parts included
ADCA AE16SS air eliminator

Water pipeline ancillaries suppliers

If you are unsure about what pipeline ancillaries your water system requires, BM Engineering Supplies can provide you with expert advice to help identify the correct solution for your application. Whatever your pipeline ancillaries requirements, our team will find the right ancillaries product for you.

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