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Bm Engineerings guide to - THE BASIC PROCESS OF WHISKY MAKING - copper still

The production of whisky follows a meticulous and intricate six-stage process that is essential for achieving the desired taste, color, and aroma in the final product. Although the specific steps may vary based on the type of whisky and its place of production, the general process remains consistent.

1. Preparing: The process starts with malted barley, achieved by soaking and sprouting the grains, followed by drying and heating them.

2. Mashing: Mixing the malted barley and cooked grain with warm water creates a liquid known as mash through a process called mashing.

3. Fermenting: Transferring the mash to a fermentation tank and adding yeast converts the sugars into alcohol. After three to four days, the resulting liquid, known as distillers beer, contains approximately 10% alcohol.

4. Distilling: Heating the distiller’s beer vaporizes the alcohol, resulting in a substance called “high wine.” This high wine is then distilled for a second time in a spirit still to produce the spirit that will be aged.

5. Aging: Diluting the distilled spirit with water and then ageing it in charred white oak barrels for a minimum of three years and one day. The aging process is crucial for imparting flavour, colour, and character to the whisky.

6. Bottling: Transferring the matured whisky to glass bottles for storage. Glass is chosen for bottling as it does not react with the whisky, preserving its flavor.

7. Dispatch: Finally, stacking, loading, and distributing the bottled whisky to various destinations for consumers to enjoy.

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