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Warehouse Renovation
Tue 20 Feb 2018

BM Engineering: The Big Build – Phase 1

BM Engineering supplies valves to an array of industries across the whole of Scotland and England. Over the last few years, BM Engineering’s continued growth has put pressure on the warehousing space available at our facility. As this issue became more prominent, we decided that something had to be done. A plan was hatched to expand on available warehouse space and in the process invest in brand new offices.

The plan

The initial plan was to simply expand our warehouse space, making room for our range of industrial valves and to keep up with customer demand. Luckily an opportunity arose last year to purchase a building that we only partially occupied. This prospect was the final push in the right direction to make us realise the time was right to expand to a whole new level.

We devised a plan to create a brand-new facility that will not only double our warehouse capability but will also house new offices on the mezzanine floor.

“It has always been a philosophy of BM Engineering Supplies that stock levels of core product are kept at a level to keep up with customer demand.” – Blair Miller


After much deliberation with architects and council members, we came to an agreement and finally received the green light to push on with the renovation. However, we experienced an unexpected turn at the very first hurdle. The first step of our plan was to have the building’s roof surveyed. Much to our disappointment, it was decided that a new roof was required. This disrupted initial timescales but, once the plans were put in place, the renovation was back on track.

BM Engineering supplies valves


After we had overcome the roofing issue, and finalised some other building plans, work was able to begin. Scaffolding was erected mid-January to enable the roofers to make a start. While the roof was being installed the new mezzanine in the warehouse was being erected. The mezzanine is now taking shape, allowing us to visualise the offices to come.

Warehouse Renovation
Warehouse Renovation

BM Engineering Supplies will keep you up to date on The Big Build’s progress in the coming months. If you would like to get in touch regarding our project or to discuss our range of industrial valves call today on 0141 7620657 or contact us via email at sales@bmengineering.co.uk.

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