BM Engineering announces partnership with SOMAS Instrument AB

BM Engineering is extremely happy to announce that developers of control and shut-off valves,
SOMAS Instrument AB, are joining our product family. Renowned for their SOMAS Butterfly
Valves and SOMAS Ball Valves, SOMAS products bring an extra dimension to our already
impressive stock of world-class valve products.

About SOMAS Instrument AB

SOMAS Instrument AB is a leading manufacturer of control and shut-off valves. They pride themselves on using
only the finest, acid-proof stainless steel, for a truly resilient finish. This ensures that all of their products are
extremely robust and capable of withstanding demanding operational environments.

Located in Säffle, Sweden, this family-run business is managed by Peter Hägg (Managing Director) and Lars Hägg
(Purchasing Manager). Forming strong company relationships with family businesses has always been something
BM Engineering has been passionate about, as their hard work and wholesome values resonate with our own
values as a fellow family-run business.

SOMAS Instrument AB has amassed over 70 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. This longevity and
knowledge was another appealing factor in our decision to partner.

SOMAS ball valves and SOMAS butterfly valves

SOMAS ball valves are renowned for their ability to maintain the flow of any gas, water or steam. No expense is
spared when creating these products, which are made of highly resistant stainless steel. If it’s quality and durability
that you’re looking for in a ball valve, then SOMAS valves deliver both in abundance.

SOMAS butterfly valves are another of their highly regarded valve products. Offering virtually maintenance-free
operation, these reliable valves guarantee a long and cost-effective service life. Which are exactly the kind of
benefits that we look for in our products and have become famed for here at BM Engineering. Versatile SOMAS
butterfly valves are suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications, including mining industries.

For more information about any of our SOMAS products, please contact us at 0141 762 0657 or email us at