BM Engineering Glen Moray Case Study

Glen Moray Distillery

BM Engineering has a wonderful history with Glen Moray distillery. Over the years, the distillery has expanded twice, in 2012 and 2015. For both of these projects, BME supplied almost all the valves and ancillary controls for the site. In this case study, we outline the work BME undertook at the Glen Moray Distillery and the final outcomes of all our hard work.

Biscuit Case Study

Biscuit Factory

A pipework contractor from Glasgow contacted BM Engineering asking us to supply a baker from a well-known biscuit factory with 2-way and 3-way sanitary ball valves with attached pneumatic actuators, as well as a steam skid system. This equipment was going to be used in the process of melting chocolate and …

BM Engineering Marzipan Factory case study

Marzipan Factory

BM Engineering was approached by a designer, manufacturer and installer of food processing machinery, who was in need of flow meters for a leading producer of icing, marzipan, caramels and mallows in the UK. In this case study, BME discusses the challenges that had to be overcome to supply …

SOMAS ball segment valve

Water Control For Islands Distillery

BM Engineering was contacted by a contractor based in Speyside who has worked with some of the biggest distilleries around the world. The contractor was assisting a distillery off the west coast of Scotland with fitting out their plant. BME was asked to provide water control valves for the Distillery’s water to …

BM Engineering Nail Varnish Factory case study

Nail Varnish Manufacturer

The European division of American nail varnish producer, Kirker, contacted BM Engineering requesting if we could provide their factory, located in Ross-shire, with a selection of stainless steel ball valves. Below, we discuss the request from the customer and how we catered to their individual needs.