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Renewables behind 30% of power
Wed 8 May 2024

Global Electricity Review for 2024

Global Electricity Review for 2024

Ember has recently published its Global Electricity Review for 2024. The report indicates that renewable energy sources have achieved a record-breaking 30% share of global electricity generation in 2023, which is excellent news. This means we are moving towards a new era, and the use of fossil fuel power generation will gradually decrease. If you want to learn more about the world’s electricity system, you can read the full report.


According to the report by think tank Ember, renewable sources generated almost a third of the world’s electricity in 2023, which is a significant increase from 19% in 2000. The growth of the solar and wind sectors has contributed to this increase. The research found that total solar generation went up by 23%, and wind generation increased by nearly 10%. China leads in both sectors, producing more than half of the total output. This increase means that the world is more likely to achieve the global target set at Cop28 last year, which aims to triple renewable capacity by the end of the decade, Ember said. The report also stated that the growth of renewable energy over the past decade has slowed the growth in fossil fuels by about two-thirds. It is now inevitable that the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity will permanently decline, leading to lower emissions.


  • According to the report, EU member states generated 44% of their electricity using renewable sources, with non-nuclear sources being the majority. Despite a drop in energy from renewable sources in the UK last year, fossil fuels made up less than 40% of the country’s electricity.



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