INOXPA agitators mix with the best

While most industrial agitators are used for mixing applications within the process industry, INOXPA agitators offer so much more. As a leading manufacturer of hygienic equipment, INOXPA boasts one of the most versatile agitator ranges anywhere on the market. As distributers for INOXPA products, BM Engineering Supplies can supply all products from INOXPA, which also extends to their agitator catalogue. In this article, we discuss which agitator types from INOXPA rank among the best available to purchase for the process industry.

Why use industrial agitators from INOXPA?

Most industrial agitators are designed for use within the food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that as sector specialists, INOXPA has a distinct advantage over the majority of manufacturers in this field. 

INOXPA agitators offer superior performance in the following process applications:

  • – Mixing liquids together
  • – Promoting reactions of chemical substances
  • – Keeping homogeneous liquid bulk during storage
  • – Increasing heat transfer

The primary type of agitators in INOXPA’s product range are vertical agitators. INOXPA vertical agitators can be applied within mixing, dissolution, dispersion and maintenance processes. Wherever agitation of produce is required within food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical or chemical applications, INOXPA vertical agitators offer superior performance, thanks to their stainless steel design. 

Our picks from INOXPA’s agitator range

Below, we have selected the key vertical agitator models from INOXPA’s product range that which stand out above the rest.

INOXPA vertical agitators

NBI series vertical agitators

  • – The NBI series agitator from INOXPA is a medium speed vertical agitator, featuring geared motors. Arguably, its most distinguishing feature is the inclusion of a helical gear unit with reinforced bearings and food-grade oils. For process applications requiring mild to medium agitation of medium or low viscosity media, this is the model for you. 

NHS series vertical agitators

  • – The NHS series agitator from INOXPA is a vertical agitator with a worm gear motor. Featuring a max power of 3kw and a propeller with 2-4 inclined blades, this agitator can be used in tanks of up to 10,000 litres for work with low to medium viscosity products. For process applications requiring mild to medium agitation, this could be the agitator for you.

BCI series vertical agitators

  • – The BCI series agitator from INOXPA is a direct motor-driven vertical agitator. With a max power of 0.75kw and a lineflux propeller, this agitator is normally fitted to small tanks of up to 1,500 litres for work with low-viscosity products. For process applications requiring high-speed and powerful agitation, we advise selecting this industrial agitator. 

BMI series vertical agitators

  • –  The BMI series agitator from INOXPA is a direct-drive style vertical agitator. With a max power of 4kw and a marine propeller, this agitator is applicable to tanks with capacities of up to 10,000 litres for work with low viscosity products. For process applications requiring strong agitation at high speeds, this agitator type is hard to beat.

Industrial agitator suppliers

Here at BM Engineering Supplies, we supply INOXPA’s full range of hygienic equipment. This extends to all products within INOXPA’s industrial agitator catalogue. As trusted component distributors to the Scottish process industry, we can provide the right hygienic solution for your process application. 

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