BM Engineering's guide to process valves

As trusted distributors to Scotland’s process industry, BM Engineering Supplies routinely supplies businesses of all shapes and sizes with valves designed to suit a variety of processes. For new customers, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help better your understanding of process valves and which type might be best suited for your particular application.

Process valve types and applications

There are a number of different valve types which can be classified as a process valve. For example, as ball valves perform well after numerous cycles and can close securely after long periods of disuse, these qualities make them an excellent on-off process valve. Should your application require an automated process valve, ball valves can also be fitted with actuators to make actuated ball valves. Similarly, butterfly valves are suitably equipped for delivering a quick shut-off within process applications.

However, when used as a process valve for larger pipes, butterfly valves incur less weight and cost compared to ball valves. Globe valves are capable of precise throttling, making them an ideal process valve for control applications. Globe valves are also well suited for steam applications due to the “up-and-over” design which can handle high-pressure drops. Ball-segment valves are ideal for precise control applications as they give a linear control characteristic with high flow capacity and SOMAS’ unique design for ‘backlash-free’ torque transmission allows for reliable accurate control.

Process valve manufacturers

Here at BM Engineering Supplies, we are seasoned stockists of process valves from a variety of different industry-leading manufacturers. Over the years we have secured partnerships with many revered process valve manufacturers such as Bürkert, INOXPA  SOMAS and Valsteam ADCA, to name a few.

As leading process valve manufacturers, we have access to Bürkert’s complete range of process valves designed for use with a variety of shut off applications. From ball and globe valves to diaphragm valves, all Bürkert process valve types can be supplied as pneumatic or electromotive variants upon request. For processes with stringent hygienic requirements, we can supply INOXPA’s complete range of hygienic ball and butterfly valves. Manufactured from stainless steel, these process control valves provide the highest levels of cleanliness for industries where products must be fit for human consumption.

For demanding applications, we can supply SOMAS’ ball-segment, butterfly and ball valves, which are suitable for a wide range of industries. Finally, we stock Valsteam ADCA’s complete range of ADCA Pure equipment, designed for effective steam treatment in high purity systems. Alternatively, we can also provide steam process control valves from Valsteam ADCA such as their PV25S model which can be applied for use with a wider variety of media types.

Buy process valves

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