Actuated Valve Packages

BM Engineering is recognised as one of the leading Actuated Package specialists in Scotland. Whether it is an electrically or pneumatically actuated valve, here at BM Engineering we can assemble, size and test custom-built packages in-house to suit the requirements of your given application.

What is an actuated package?

Here at BM Engineering, we would describe an actuated package as an automated valve that is driven via an electric or pneumatic actuator and doesn’t require hand operation. We can offer assembled valve packages to suit any application, such as steam, air, gas, water, food and beverage and hygiene. A valve with a pneumatic or electric actuator can be customised, depending on the application, with controls, such as solenoid valves and switches that provide feedback.

Their unique adjustable dual-travel stops provide the greatest degree of control in the industry at ±10 degrees on each end of the stroke.


What valve packages do BM Engineering offer?

As BM Engineering represents a number of different manufacturers from across Europe, we can cover the whole range of requirements across all industries. For quarter-turn valve packages, BM Engineering uses actuators from Italian brand Max-Air Technology.

However, we use an array of partner brands to meet all our Actuated Package requirements. For example, BM Engineering also uses hygienic process valves from Inoxpa and fluid control valves from Bürkert.

BM Engineering’s in-house valve packages are usually quarter-turn valve packages, although BME can offer packages straight from the manufacturer. We can supply Valsteam ADCA steam globe control valves, which come ready made, and Orbinox actuated knife gate valves, which are ready to go into the process straight away.

Actuated package applications

Depending on the application, certain valves will be more suitable than others. Some examples of this include ball valves for steam, and butterfly valves for hygienic processes.

Our wide selection of valves, sensors and switches can accommodate virtually any application requirement. BM Engineering also offers Fieldbus Protocols from Bürkert (which are essentially a valve driven through a network), as well as modulating control valves and on-off valves to give you complete modulating control over your valves.

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Every valve needs a means by which it can be operated. There are a variety of options to achieve this, including implementing an actuated package.

Actuated packages allow a valve to be automated, so that no human interaction with the valve package is necessary. Actuated packages can be remote operated and can act as shutdown mechanisms in case of an emergency situation, in which human interaction can be dangerous.

BM Engineering can design bespoke actuated packages that match your applications requirements precisely. If you require a custom built package, talk to our team today to discuss your options and specifications. Our extensive range of products ensures we can accommodate your application uniquely.