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THE 7 Steps in Brewing Infographic by BM Engineering Supplies
Tue 26 Mar 2024

The 7 Steps of Brewing

The beer brewing process is a fascinating journey that involves several intricate steps. Let’s delve deeper into the seven main stages that bring about the creation of delicious beer:

1. Milling: Carefully mix and crush various types of malted barley into a coarse grist, setting the foundation for the beer-making process.

2. Mix milled grain with water and heat to convert starch into sugars for yeast fermentation.

3. Lautering: Separate the sweet wort from the spent grain during this stage, resulting in a clear sugary liquid that forms the basis of the flavorful beer.

4. Boiling: Boil the sweet wort to ensure its sterility and add hops to impart the unique bitterness, flavour, and aroma that characterize the beer.

5. Fermentation: Pump the chilled wort into tanks where the yeast transforms the wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide through the process of fermentation.

6. Filtration and Conditioning: After fermentation, chill the beer and allow it to settle, and depending on the specific beer style, undergo filtration to stabilize its flavour.

7. Finally, the brewery is ready to send out the beer to delight beer enthusiasts everywhere! Whether it’s in bottles, cans, or kegs, our beer is all set to bring joy to your taste buds. Additionally, the brewery has ensured that the packaging is not only appealing but also sustainable.

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